THE MACK DADDY - On sale $40

This pole is made of aluminum which is known

for its very high strength to weight ratio. No, it doesn't

come with a stand, but we would have to charge you 

more money for a stand and we figured you could just

use your Christmas tree stand instead. Comes with end 

caps that'll keep the spiders out when it's stored away in

the crawl space. Comes in two styles: Shiny, or Not Shiny.



BIG MOMMA - On sale $25

This one is for people who want a larger Festivus celebration

pole but are too cheap to buy the Mack Daddy. It's 5 feet

long but other than that, just like the Mack Daddy. Spend

the nextra $20 for the Mack daddy, it's worth the bragging

rights. Or if you really are that cheap just


The 4 FOOTER - On sale $20

The 4 footer is 1.2192 meters long, or exactly half the

length of the Mack Daddy. You can buy two of these, one

for the family room and one for the foyer for the same

price as a Mack Daddy. Or give one to a friend.

Or give one to your

<-- eccentric uncle.


LITTLE JOE - On sale $18

Little Joe's on'y three feet long. He ain't growed up yet.

But he's a feisty lil' feller and jes' right for carrying while

you ride your horse.


Office Mite - On sale $25

OMG! When you say that out loud it sounds like you're

from Australia! G'day mite! Anywho...

After home, where else do you get really aggreiviated?

That's right, WORK! So keep this little baby on your

desk and air away. Comes with a nifty stand.

* CAUTION: Airing of grievances and Feats of Strength

in the workplace may lead to loss of employment.

The Festivus classic
finally in print again!