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I can not stand those people who force their way on to the freeway ( during conjested dangerus conditions) and then exit at the very next off ramp. - Lisa



"Some people really need to wash their hair. They need to buy shampoo and take a shower. If your hair is greasy and dirty, go wash it!" - The Kirbs

- That's true. Some people really do need to wash their hair.

Personal hygene is of the utmost importance. Unless you're a movie star. Then it doesn't matter.

"I got a lot of problems with you people and now your going to hear about it! People need to know the rules when it comes to shared arm rests. If you already have one arm rest you cant take two. you must leave one arm rest for the other person. Who do you think you are? I got a problem with kids. Why is it when you get two of them together you can never get the real story? Who eats spam anyway? Do they sell any of it or is it the same can that has been there since the 70's? I hate facebook! What is so important about you that you have to put it on facebook for the world to see? Im sick of it. If I cared I would call you, ya goof! Who cares that jannie went to see uncle earl? Nobody does, so keep your business to yourself! And twitter, dont get me started with that! I dont care where you are or what you are doing. Get a life! (now thats how you air grievances!)" from "George Costanza"

- Bravo! Well done!

Did you really have to do that with him less than a week after we broke up? I mean really... I guess I didn't mean a thing to you." From Disappointed

- Chicks!


"Someone that says they are associated with Festivus wants my town to take down our manger scene on the court house lawn. They also say if we don't take it down then they will go to court to put up a pole for Festivus. Can you say ACLFU."

- That's not the Festivus way! A real Festivus celebrant would settle the matter by challenging "the powers that be" to a wrestling match. Besides, most court houses do have Festivus celebration poles in the lawn. They hang flags from them.



"Do you know what I can't stand? Smug lawyers who send threatening letters

full of legal mumbo jumbo...lawyers who represent freightened clients who

trademark common terms in the lame attempt to thwart competition because

they lack the creativity to perform against others who simply do things better."

- Festus

- Hmmm...I wonder what that's all about.

Smug lawyer


ridiculous beard

"My husband Mark leaves his dirty underwear on the bathroom floor when he takes a shower. It's bad enough that I have to pick up after the kids and animals. It drives me CRAZY!" - Lisa

     Sorry to hear about that Lisa. That stinks.




"A certain someone in my family has the bad habit of blowing their nose at the table. It makes me want to gag." - Anonymous

     Sorry to hear about that Anonymous. That blows.

 "Tanya, why don't you just come out and say what you are thinking instead of making your little comments, like everyone doesn't know what you mean anyway!?"


"I keep getting Mt. Dew when I push the Diet Coke button. What's up Coke Vending Machine Guy!?"

- Thirsty

"I don't mind watching your kids buy if you say you're going to picking them up at 6:00, please pick them up at 6:00. I have a life too!" - Disgruntled Babysitter

"Mr Norm. Please pull up the extra 100 feet and drop my kid off in front of our house. I know the bus stop is technically at the corner but there aren't any other kids being dropped off there so what's the big deal?"

Yeah Mr. Norm....What's the big deal?

 "Placing orders online is sooooooo much easier than calling, so why do you keep calling me? Just do it yourself, it's faster, easier and more secure and I don't feel like talking about the weather in Arizona"

That one was from our customer service dept.

  "Honey, If you don't stop texting so much I'm going to smash your phone. Yes, you know who you are..."


"My governor is trying to run for president and that makes me mad!"

         Hmmm.. Miffed at Mitt? No, Peeved at Perry I think.


"It seems to me a bagel is a bagel, so stop saying yours is like no other bagel in the world. They taste just like other bagels." - Elvis

Thank you..uhh, thank you very much.


 "Please don't ask me what type of material that shirt is made out of while YOU are looking right at the tag! Read peopl." Magic Employee