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We’ve had 4 Festivus celebrations to date.  Our first one was based off a suggestion by my son who had seen the Seinfeld episode.  We watched the episode so everyone knew how things would go and that tradition has stuck.  We’ve replayed it every year so far and then we begin.  No one is allowed to dress up; mostly shorts and t-shirts.  And no one is allowed in who brings anything.  We order the food out (usually pizza or sub sandwiches) and break out the pole.  We never had an official pole until last year but it worked great!  Lastly, we choose our feats of strength for the year.  Last year, the head of household was tripped and pinned before he knew what was coming so the evening ended rather quickly. -

Our Festivus celebration starts with the airing of grievances.  We pass around the celebration pole and each person has to say a grievance out loud.  No comments are allowed except an occasional oohhhh or ahhhh.  Everyone contributes two or three grievances depending on how large the group is.  Last year, we had a “Grievance Sergeant at Arms’ who would determine the validity of the grievance.  Not sure we’ll do that again as it led to other grievances against the Sgt at Arms!



Our first ever Festivus celebration was last December.  What a hoot!  When we started airing grievances, we sat around in a circle and no one knew what to say.  Well, once the first few punches were thrown, we couldn’t get people to stop!  We tried to end the night on Feats of Strength by using Yoga poses but no one could do any so we just ended the night laughing at one another.  I’m sending pictures! - Anthony




Our Festivus party begins by having a social gathering with finger food.  During this time, we have pencils and paper on the tables with a ‘Grievance Box’ as the centerpiece of the food table.  Anyone can write a grievance and place it in the box. 

At 9:00 pm, the Grievance Box is closed and we have someone read the contents.  Usually there is much discussion over each one in agreement or dissent.  The author has the right to keep anonymous or disclose their identity. Dessert follows this to put us all in a better mood and we’ve never gotten past that.



I was celebrating Festivus with some friends and family last year. We had a great time until the Feats of Strength. A word of advice, do feats of strength in an area away from coffee tables. I got 8 stitches above my eyebrow and a permanent reminder of Festivus 2010.